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MediaFox digitally preserves your video tapes, film, negatives, photographs, and slides.


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Ship or drop off your VHS tapes, 8mm tapes, film, photos, slides, and negatives. We'll preserve them and turn them into something you can actually use!

8mm Film Scanning for DVD or Blu-ray

If there's one thing we want to be remembered for, it's our 8mm film preservation service. MediaFox boasts Idaho's best 8mm film transfer equipment, the Retro-8 film scanner by Movie Stuff. The Retro-8 is not a telecine machine, it actually scans every single frame of film on a reel! This is not a real time process, your film is gently pulled through the scanners sprocket-less film track as a high definition photo sensor carefully scans the picture within the view port. This produces thousands of 720p or 1080p (you decide) photographs which are later synced to 17 fps in preparation for DVD or Blu-ray. For more information and pricing see our 8mm film scanning page or give us a call at (208)991-3569.